The first time with Helen

“I’m fine, it’s just… well it was all too much for me. I have never felt quite so… I don’t know.” I thought that her reticence in saying the words that described her getting close to orgasm was perhaps a hangover from her upbringing where sex and all the parts that go with it are a dirty word and something to be ashamed of. And then, I knew, Helen was afraid of experiencing a full on climax, as if it were some hidden line in the sand that she dared not cross. Perhaps she thought it would be the ultimate betrayal of her marriage, as if being in bed with me wasn’t. Perhaps it was the fear of a grown woman, going to some place she had never been to before. “Helen, it is okay. You are allowed to enjoy yourself. I want you to cum.” “It just… well no one has ever got me so close. I didn’t… I don’t… I have never got there before and it felt like everything was going crazy. It scared me a bit. There it was, this woman who was a year or two short of being forty, was frightened of the power of her body. Had never experienced the beauty of a full blown orgasm and likely thought she never would. Faced with the prospect, in a liaison with someone other than her husband, the enormity had hit her and put her in unfamiliar territory. I suppose it would be daunting, but with no reference point, I didn’t know what to say. Still with her head on my arm, I lay back beside her and began to just stroke her, hoping that, if I started again, she would fall into the natural scheme of things. “That was powerful.” She murmured. I’ve never had that happen before.” “But did you like the feeling?” My hand was cupping her breast with my thumb rubbing over her erect nipple, squeezing it gently, between pad and the side of my finger. “Helen, I can take you further if you want. It would be my pleasure, but only if you can give in to the joy of it.” “It’s just… Oh, I don’t know. Let’s take it slowly eh? See what happens from there.” I could have taken that as a finale, an, I don’t want to go there again, but I had my own agenda and filling her belly, with my spend, was top of that list. I started back at the beginning, kneading her tit and kissing her mouth, exploring with my tongue. Gradually, in small steps, I was working her back to readiness. inexorably ramping up her desire, notch by notch. In careful increments, I had her creaming again around two fingers that entered her, but took things a lot more slowly. I thought perhaps that getting her to the brink last time, had all been too quick for her. After all was said and done, we had only been here for a short while. I was hoping that, by doing things a little more slowly, she would have time to savour the delicious feelings her body could provide. Helen was bucking her hips again. At first, she followed the rhythm I set as my fingers massaged her G spot, but then, as the sensations built, she took over the pace, thrusting her hips up in ever increasing tempo and urgency. Four fingers were spreading her sex and her clit was being mercilessly rubbed by my thumb. I could feel her closeness, could feel her inner walls clamping and then, her legs straightened out and her arse lifted off the bed. Helen crammed her fist into her mouth to stop from screaming as her first climax smashed through her.It lasted for several seconds while her legs trembled and her body shook uncontrollably. I rolled her towards me so that she was lying on her side, facing me while she came down from the pinnacle she had just climbed. It allowed me to stroke her lower back in soothing circles of fingertip contact. “Alan has never done that to me.” She admitted. “I have never felt anything like that before. It was fantastic. Thank you. It was beyond fantastic. Oh wow.” I have never been a selfish lover; deriving as much pleasure from taking my partner to the highest heights I can possible reach as having my own orgasm. “Alan doesn’t know what he has missed then.” I suddenly knew that he had missed out on one of the most accommodating and wonderful sex partners I had ever had the privilege to have met. Helen’s capacity for sex was without bounds. If only he had taken the trouble to find out. I realised she was crying, tears trickled over her little nose and I knew that she had realised the same as me, her husband couldn’t care less. All he wanted was a quick fuck on a Saturday night with no regard for her wants and needs. It made me sad to think that she had had to wait for so long to experience the overwhelming crescendo of an all-consuming orgasm. But, at the same time, I was pleased that it had been me that had taken her there. Eventually, Helen calmed and we began to kiss again, her heat radiated out from her as she began to become aroused. I fondled her tits which now had hardened nipples, puckering the skin of her areoles in little peeks of need. I suckled on them and teased with my tongue. She clung to me, forcing my mouth harder against her breast. I lightly ran a finger across her stomach which produced a tremor from her. I was finding areas of her body that responded to touch and stimulus. I loved the exploration and delighted at each new place. The inside of her elbow had her gasping as I gently nibbled and pinched her skin with my teeth. That and cupping her sex, rather than entering her, soon had Helen writhing, her hips gyrating in pelvic thrusts as she rubbed her sex against my hand. She was soaked again. Her secretions coated my hand and her hair and I marvelled at her ability to be so ready for me. Without breaking contact, I rolled her onto her back and threw my leg over hers until I was between her thighs. I waited for a short while, staring into her eyes that looked back at me, wanting and pleading. Slowly, I entered her body, pushing my cock into her, inch by inch. It was divine and her heat enveloped me in a warm cocoon. Starting really slowly, I pushed into her willing sex, keeping eye contact, my hands kneading her tits. Helens knees came up as my full length slipped inside and then withdrew, only to be pushed back again until I bottomed out. Gradually, the pace increased. As much as I wanted to come, I intended this to last as long as possible and for her to get the maximum out of it. She deserved the very best of me and I intended to give her that. I was acutely aware that she had been extremely brave to be here in the first place. Had entered into something she had no fore knowledge of and was in a world of the very different. That bravery deserved to be recognised and rewarded. I settled into a comfortable pace. One that meant I would last for a reasonable while and would allow me to concentrate on her body in the quest to find all of her erogenous zones one by one. I found that her tits were possibly the most responsive, but so was her stomach when a finger lightly grazed over the taught skin. It was a delight, discovering her elbows liked attention and that her neck, just below her ear would make her thrust up to meet me. I decided to try a new position. Eventually, with some awkwardness and a bit of giggling, she got the idea and straddled my prone body. I had to guide myself inside her until she got the hang of gyrating her hips and grinding her sex into mine. She knelt up, supporting herself with her hands on my chest. Running my fingers lightly down her back made her shudder as she set the pace. Her eyes were closed as she revelled in the sensations our bodies were giving her. She took the time to experience each new delight while keeping up the steady tempo of our coupling. With some difficulty, I managed to slip a finger between our bodies to rub on her clit. The added pressure tipped her over the edge. Helen came again. She stuffed a fist into her mouth to stifle her scream. She probably would have stopped there and been quite satisfied, but I had other ideas and maintained the thrusting, keeping her on a high until she came again, soaking my cock with her cum. I wriggled out from under her parted thighs and laid her down, facing away from me, her arse in my lap and her knees bent. I entered her once more and began to fuck her deeply while cradling her head in the crook of one arm and stroking her tits with the other. Helen began to thrust back at me, meeting my forward presses, driving me deep inside her. The pace quickened as my need to cum increased. I gripped her hip to gain purchase and began to ram into her, much harder than before. She managed to keep pace with me, forcing my entry to her inner depths, squashing my balls between us, but I didn’t care. The build-up to release was deliciously close. My cock was completely rigid as it plunged inside her like a stiff shaft of over enthused nerve endings. Suddenly, the moment arrived. I sunk as deeply as I could, grasping her hip in a tight grip and shot my seed into her, my body stiffened with the effort of ejaculation and Helen, realising that my moment was here, shoved back on me to make sure she received every last morsel. She turned over after a few minutes and clasped me to her, her head with its tousled hair rested on my chest. “I had no idea sex could be like that.” She said in something like a whisper. We slept until the alarm clock buzzed in the morning. Neither one of us felt like food after we had showered. Helen had to get back to the B&B before she was missed, so an early start was needed. We may as well not have bothered rushing, it turned out. Alan, her husband had been calling the B&B all night, wondering where his wife was. Her boss was frantic with worry and probably a little guilt that he hadn’t looked after her as well as he might. Helen had to face the music, worse, she had to do it on her own and I felt guilty for that. It was the beginning of the end of her marriage. Alan said he couldn’t trust her anymore, even though he didn’t find out about us until very much later. She and her boss fell out eventually and things became so bad for Helen that she contemplated suicide. Fortunately, I talked her out of that, but there were desperate times. Helen realised that she was married purely out of habit. She didn’t like Alan and told him so. After a few months, they split. Helen had the three girls in the house they owned, he moved in with a relative down the coast. We met several times over those months of her break up. Sometimes we made love, but most times not where she was in such an emotional mess. She didn’t want me to move in with her, preferring to keep me at a distance until she sorted her mind out. I would have made that break from my Marriage, I would not have liked it, but I felt as if I owed it to her. In truth, I was as much an emotional wreck as she was. I had fallen in love with this woman and was now enmeshed in a triangle between my wife and her. It wasn’t how it was supposed to be and I was completely confused. Eventually, Helen got her life back on an even keel. Had begun classes for bookkeeping, something she had been doing for a number of years for local businesses, but without the qualification. She moved home and gradually settled down. She also made it clear that I was not required. She might call me to come and visit if the girls were away, but those times were purely on her own terms and that was fine with me. I have to say that, each visit was as satisfying as our first time and well worth the two hour drive. Helen had never had a cock in her mouth. I promised not to cum unless she wanted me to. She didn’t. Neither had she ever been fucked in the arse. Between me and a vibrator, Helen was soon screaming the place down as I unloaded in her beautiful arse. And then she began to experiment. She sent me a couple of photographs of her, in a leather bondage suit, being serviced by two men she had met online. Helen was entering into a period of her life where her new found freedom was to be explored to the maximum. I worried somewhat, that I had woken the Kraken and advised caution. She laughed it off, but I felt responsible and more than guilty for my part in her current situation. Our contacts became fewer and further between. Helen didn’t answer many of my emails and blanked my calls quite often. That was okay with me, but it didn’t stop me worrying about her. I doubt I would have forgiven myself if I read she had had some kind of tragic end. The last I heard from Helen was to advise me she had found a new love and was to be married soon. She was happy and the guy knew how to keep her happy in all ways. Conscience absolved, I was happy for her and wished her all the love in the world. She deserved it and I believe, had at last found it. Actually, it wasn’t the last time I heard from her. She let me know that she is a grandmother now and that she hoped I was okay and that, yes, she was happy and settled and complete, for the first time in her life. The thank you was most poignant. Without doubt, Helen’s receptive body and her capacity for love have found no equal on my part. I am delighted that she has now found the joy that sex can bring and with a partner who provides her every need. It is my privilege to have helped her discover that.

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